Session Three Anthology

MENTOR: Luther Hughes


I listen to my brother’s tears

a loom
a familiar song

the song of water
the song of creation
a song sung in each of our voices

I listen to my brother breaking


brother, you are breaking
like the earth to show its inheritance

an amethyst
is inside you

I know you are afraid of what you are
but wait until you see your brilliance
more radiant than your dread
harder and sharper than the splinters
of guilt you have swallowed

brother, each tear you make
Is a small prize
that falls opens

like a cloud
when it welcomes
the swords of the sun 

Finn Menzies.JPG

Finn Menzies is an out transgender teacher in Seattle, WA. His work is his spiritual practice and his activism.  He received his MFA from Mills College. He is the creator of FIN Zine, a bi-annual zine dedicated to his emotional journey throughout his transition.  

Finn’s debut collection, BRILLIANT ODYSSEY DON'T YEARN came out this summer with FOG MACHINE. His poetry can also be seen in Gigantic Sequins, Quiet Lightning, SUSAN /the journal, , SPORK, HOLD: a journal, The Shallow Ends, Big Lucks, and various other journals. Annually, Finn facilitates UNdoing Ego: a workshop on meditation and generative writing practices.