Session Three Anthology

MENTOR: Eloisa Amezcua


After Arturo Herrera’s “Felt #8”

to be felt is both to drip and to fold;
there are many ways to reach the floor

feel, felt
felt, felted

to be felt is to savvy
the word “alive”

red, feeling
red, felt
red felt
red felt, felted

to be red felt is to find
in blood a startling intimacy, an other-
wise impossible familiarity—

to clot is to pill, vice versa

to be red felt is to feel the flush
of one’s cheeks, to be
the object of “humiliate”

red, reddening

to be read is to be cloaked,
perpetually stolen
away, another slight invisibility

to be red is to be the hunted
or the ridden

ride, riding, rode, ridden


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Lauren R. Korn currently lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where she works remotely as the Interviews and Reviews Manager for The Adroit Journal. Her work has appeared and is forthcoming.