Art by Demian DinéYazhi’
Promise Me (Pluto), 2014



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Partnering with Cloudthroat (, a magazine dedicated to sharing the work of indigenous writers and artists, R I V E R S is an attempt to spark dialogue on Indigenous poetics and literature in the larger literary field by Indigenous poets themselves. It is an attempt to connect Indigenous poets with Indigenous poets, one of the first programs of its kind outside the institutional structures of colleges, universities, and conferences.

The course will be designed with an Indigenous-centered focus on poetics and literature. Students should expect an innovative yet traditional aspect of language, poetics, and creativity. They should expect to both be nourished by and to be critical of poetic craft through the lens of their own communities. Students should expect heavy emphasis on craft in relation to land, border(s), language, culture, and conquest to spark innovative and necessary works.

This program is open to any person of Indigenous descent across nations. We will not ask for proof of tribal enrollment or a certificate of Indian blood, but we will ask for a complete and open mind to the critical and creative nature of poetic craft when interrogating and embracing our communities.

R I V E R S is an attempt find the ways the universe drips itself onto our lands. It will teach students how to care for craft. Students will learn how to hear and understand the waters.


Groups or "pods" will meet twice a week for a one-hour lecture period and a two-hour workshop period.

The lecture will consist of a small, prepared talk centered around the topic of the week and followed by discussion and Q&A. Previous weekly topics have been selfhood (identity, artistry, personhood, representation, the body, the mind), technique (form, space, breath, rhythm, movement), and/or other various thematics.

The workshop will consist of a small-group, open editing period for each student. Students are expected to not only engage with their mentors, but with their peers as well. This includes reading and writing comments for their peers' work before each workshop period. Workshop structures vary from mentor to mentor; however, we recommend that students submit at least two poems each week for workshop.

At the end of the program, we collect poems from students and mentors alike into a singular anthology.

Financial Aid

We offer substantial scholarships to students based on need. Over 60-70% of our students receive partial to full scholarships for our programs. If you intend to apply for financial aid, please fill out the last three questions on the application. Please be mindful of other students when applying for assistance.

Please note that Cloudthroat has raised a substantial amount for financial aid, as has The Speakeasy Project. Indigenous applicants are highly encouraged to request FA when needed. Funding shall in no way be a detriment to applicants. 



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