Winter, Spring, Summer

Every winter, spring and summer, The Speakeasy Project hosts a four-week long poetry workshop for students of all ages and backgrounds. This program centers itself around small-group mentorship. Each group meets at least twice a week to workshop poems and discuss weekly topics with their peers. Previous mentors include Danez Smith, Paul Tran, Cynthia Cruz, Kaveh Akbar, Angel Nafis, Chen Chen and others. 


Spring, Summer

Hosted by the inimitable Raina León, this two-part workshop series is designed for students with a full body of work and a strong interest in continuing their growth in the writing profession through publishing, fellowships, residencies and/or an MFA or alternative writing program. Students will interrogate what it truly means to live as a writer, incorporating a daily practice of writing into their schedules, assembling key elements in a writer's portfolio and challenging each other to new heights in this unique workshop space.

LIVE TO WRITE (I) takes place over four weeks in the spring, and LIVE TO WRITE (II) takes place over eight weeks in the summer. Package deals are available for students interested in both programs.


Winter, Summer

We have partnered with Cloudthroat, a magazine for indigenous artists, to create a program by and for indigenous writers. Run by Jake Skeets, this program will consist of a mentorship with indigenous writers throughout the community. Students must be of indigenous descent to participate in this program. Mentors include Michael Wasson, Khairani Barokka and others.