Live to Write (I): Syllabus


Agent to Your Truth

 PART ONE WITH GUEST SPEAKERS: Kima Jones and Serene Hakim

Each day of the workshop will be guided by a short text sample (from fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) with a writing prompt.  These prompts are not meant to be shared in a workshop style; rather they are to focus us on the work of continuing to create and innovate in our crafts.

 This class is meant to support writers who want to learn more about what it means to seek an agent or work with a publicist.  You’ve written a book of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, and you would like to see it out in the world. How do you connect with an agent to find a publisher (if appropriate)?  Once you have a publisher and a publishing date, how do you work with a publicist to produce a groundswell of support for this work?  

This shortened workshop is meant to connect with the #LiveToWrite class.  Those who take the course, will receive a manuscript consult with me in preparation for submitting a manuscript to an agent for review or publicity plan for review.  In this workshop, there will be explicit preparation so as to address the guidelines of Serene Hakim of Ayesha Pande Literary and Kima Jones of Jack Jones Literary Arts.

ORIENTATION:  March 17 3-4pm Technology and Class Orientation

In this shortened session, we will go through the technological tools and also prepare to meet with Serene Hakim by formulating questions.  

Week 1:  March 18, 3-4:30pm PST, Serene Hakim of Ayesha Pande Literary

In this first week, will meet with Serene Hakim to learn more about her journey to become a literary agent, what she looks for in a query letter and manuscript submission, and how to catch her attention.  We will then work on query letters together.  We will also discuss how to give constructive feedback and develop norms for constructive feedback together.  

Week 2:  March 25, 3-4:30pm PST

In this session, we will review query letters and book proposal/manuscript submissions in pairs.  Each partner will have time to present a question that they are considering before working in breakout rooms.  We will return to the virtual space to share questions and what we have learned through the process.  We will also prepare questions for Kima Jones of Jack Jones Literary Arts to consider.  

Week 3:  April 1, 3-4:30pm PST, Kima Jones of Jack Jones Literary Arts

How do you prepare to work with a publicist?  What should you have as a writer to be effective?  What should be in a “press kit”? How does one become represented by a publicist?  These and other questions will be addressed as we learn more about Kima Jones, her mission as a publicist, how to effectively work with a publicist, and even how to effectively apply to The Retreat offered by Jack Jones Literary Arts or other such fellowships.  

Week 4:  April 8, 3-4:30pm

In this last session, we will create work plans and checklists so as to be prepared to send a query letters and manuscripts/book proposals to agents by September 30, 2018.  We will identify dates for manuscript/query letter consults with your facilitator. For those working on publicity plans, we will prepare a query letter to seek representation with a publicity and also create checklists in preparation for book launches.