This program interrogates what it means to live as a writer, which includes incorporating a daily practice of writing and learning to read the literary world. We will explore the importance of presentation to success in this realm, including key elements of a writer’s portfolio like the bio, artist statement, and submission cover letter. Within the writing community that we establish, we will assemble and offer feedback on submission packets. We will write, submit, praise and challenge one another in the craft, support one another in social media and learn strategies for getting your work from the page to the world where it belongs.

This program is designed for students who have a full body of work and a strong interest in continuing their growth in the writing profession through publishing, fellowships, residencies, and/or an MFA or alternative writing program.

To clarify, this program will NOT include editing or formal workshopping. Instead, this program is focused on moving work that is polished and completed to the final stages of publication or other arenas in the writing profession.


To receive the most from this workshop series, we recommend students take both our four-week session and our eight-week session, as each session complements the other and fully equips the student for success in the literary world. 


In the four-week session, students will learn about building a press kit. Guest speakers will include literary agents who will lead workshops on how to write a query letter, package a manuscript, research and work with agents, build promotional items and more. 

Students will met at the beginning of each week for a 1-2 hour discussion with seminar leader, Dr. Raina J. Leon. Through this course, students will be exposed to a number of literary agents representing a diverse array of clientele and will receive a great amount of information about the course. 

At the end of this course, our students will be invited to submit a single query to each of our partner literary organizations. Agents will grant these queries a priority reading past the normal 'slush pile' of submissions. 


In the eight-week session, students will be guided by a daily text sample (fiction, nonfiction and poetry) and a writing wild card after Rita Dove's practice. The instructor will supply inspirational texts for weeks one, three, five and seven. The remaining weeks will be divided among the students.

Students will meet at the beginning of each course week for a 1-2 hour discussion with seminar leader, Dr. Raina J. Leon. She will frequently be joined by expert guest lecturers. Students will continue in their assignments over each week and practice through asynchronous support in the online learning community.


Financial Aid

We offer substantial scholarships to students based on need. Over 60-70% of our students receive partial to full scholarships for our programs. If you intend to apply for financial aid, please fill out the last three questions on the application found here. Please be mindful of other students when applying for assistance.


Thoughts, Questions, Concerns?

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