National Poetry Writing Month: Mixtape #3

Photography by Jordan Thompkins

Yeah, I'm totally making more than four of these. 

This became, somehow, a mixtape for the body. What the body gives, what the body takes. How we glow, & glow, & glow; & how do we survive such certain sight?

Featuring work by Nkoski Nkululeko, Sherwin Bitsui, Emily Zhang, jayy dodd, Hazem Fahmy, Anne Sexton, Suji Kwock Kim, Brittany Rogers, Kai Cheng Thom, Camonghne Felix & many others.

There’s no life
that couldn’t be immortal
if only for a moment.
— from On Death, without Exaggeration by Wislawa Szymborska (previously published by

On Death, without Exaggeration by Wislawa Szymborska

Eclipse by Nkosi Nkululeko

The Double Image by Anne Sexton

A Brief History of Cyborgs by Franny Choi

Pride by Yosimar Reyes

Eucharist by Jasmine Cui

No One Untucked From Their Bodies... by Sherwin Bitsui

Overnight by John Yau

from Light: Winter by Inger Christensen

The Hope Chest by Max Ritvo

Dog Woman by Chris Abani

Killing the Form by Camonghne Felix

hrt by Kai Cheng Thom

Exorcism by Emily Zhang

The Santa Ana by Paul Tran

In Response to Baby Girl Asking Me If It Hurts to Give Birth by Brittany Rogers

Exhibition by jayy dodd

Monologue for an Onion by Suji Kwock Kim

Discovery by Chrysanthemum Tran

Persephone, Falling by Rita Dove

Hiding Skin by Hazem Fahmy